Meet owners Ben and Molly!

Pink Teepee Farms has been in the making for years, but officially became a business in 2015. Ben and Molly were waiting for the right moment to launch their business and to educate others on healthy eating and small scale farming. Ben being an Aquaponics Specalist at UW - Milwaukee and Molly being a former teacher and lifelong organic gardener had all the resources they needed to start PTF.

Aquaponics is Ben's bread and butter. He has spent many years researching fish and aquaculture at UWM and has built several aquaponics systems not only at UWM but at small farms around the state and his own home! he has been asked to educate others on Aquaponics, farming, and freshwater resources via conferences and workshops all over Wisconsin.


Meet Keith! Pink Teepee Farms’ right hand man. Keith is a passionate naturalist with loads of knowledge about the outdoors, plants, and animals. He is a huge asset to the team - you can find him harvesting, competing in produce weigh off competitions with ben and molly or see his smiling face working the farmers markets many saturdays and Sundays throughout the year.